Why I Love Orchids?

this is an image showing why i love orchids

Orchids are considered to be one of the most beautiful flowers and most widely used. Orchids have three petals, and three sepals which are often mistaken for petals. This flower symbolizes peace and has a positive effect on the person and also on the person handing over this to the other.


Each orchid has a bilaterally symmetric structure which allows us to divide it into two halves. These two parts of orchids are exactly similar to each other and form a beautiful combination.

The orchids have separate formation according to the type of atmosphere it grows in. It can be thick in a dry climate and thin in a warm climate. Thus giving us a variety of orchids is also depending upon the season. This is one of a kind change which takes place.

Orchids have aerials roots rather than normal routes. Thus the procurement of orchids is much easier than other flowers as it can be extracted from farms. There is a special bond between orchids and insects. This effect attracts a lot of butterflies around orchids making them a memorable flower to have. This effect also increases the male pollination for orchids thus enticing the smell and appearance of the flower.


Pure orchid fragrances are highly famous in the bases which are used widely in the day to day life.

With around estimated 30,000 types of orchids all over the world, this makes the flower very excited due to its variety and color choices.

Orchids are very famous for their vanilla base which is widely used in manufacturing vanilla extracts from orchids. This smell attracts a lot of desire towards the plant.

Orchids are also known to have medicinal values to treat maladies. Orchids are also consumed by singers to protect their voice.

Bizarre Facts

This is a highly interesting and well-known fact about orchids which has drawn attention towards this flower. It is understood that orchids draw prank on their friends.

They are highly interesting flowers because they trick male insects by appearing as a female pollinating insect.

Beauty Behind Orchids

An orchid captures the vision of dark forests and frosty leaves; rain drops on leaves and reflects them on its flowers. Moreover, because of the highly beautiful leaves, it attracts humans very much and has become a favorite amongst us.

orchid farm

But orchids grow in according to the climate, light intensities and also on the method of growth.

Genetically orchids grow in a very different manner which also signifies its specialty. They grow at a right angle to their root to allow them a firm grip over the roots.

The widest attraction of orchids is its colors as it comes in almost all covers with a beautiful appearance. It’s an immediate eye catcher among the crowd and people easily tend to like the flower. The leaves representing different forms of life and moments on earth are phenomenal to note in a flower. Finally, the orchid is a beautiful flower and doesn’t fail to attract any able eye around it.

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