Visiting the Shell Dance Orchid Garden in Pacifica, CA

this is an image from the shell dance orchid garden

In this world, there aren’t many truly beautiful places. Luckily, Shelldance Orchid Garden in Pacifica, Ca is one of them. A place of unrivaled beauty, history, and atmosphere, Shelldance Orchid Garden remains a great testament to human effort. Since the time of its founder to the present, Shelldance Orchid Garden is a place every person should at least visit once. Visiting the Shelldance Orchid Garden is a unique experience. Each person should at least once visit it:

It Has Amazing History

The Shelldance Orchid Garden started as an artichoke field. It was bought and transformed by the original owner, Herb Hager. In the beginning, it was small enterprise. Luckily, the business grew and as a result, its owner’s abilities also did. Hager managed to master the secrets of orchid breeding. With the help of his skill set having originally worked as a local plumber, he was able to create a massive garden by having them get watered on a timer and took out much manual labor over time. 

Within the rooms of Shelldance Orchid Garden, Hager succeeded in creating a special kind of orchids. After Hager’s death, the Shelldance Orchid Garden gained a new executive. With help of Hager’s wife, they managed to further expand the value of Garden. Owner’s spirit hasn’t changed and the Garden is home to various species today.

It Offers Good and Services

The amazing thing about the Shelldance Orchid Garden is that offers both goods and services. People can get married in the beautiful Garden. The Garden hosts lectures, intimate concerts, and even meditation walks. Also, in the Garden, it is possible to buy orchids, seeds, flowers and other horticultural goods. The products from the Shelldance Orchid Garden are the same ones used to grow plants in the Garden. Also, Shelldance Orchid Garden supports local artists. Their art is put up on display in Garden rooms. Overall, the Shelldance Orchid Garden is place worth visiting.


Garden Rooms

Garden rooms are what make visiting the Shelldance Orchid Garden worth it. There are several rooms within the Garden. Rooms are separated, prepared, and conditioned to hold various species of plants. Different species require different conditions to grow properly and Shelldance Orchid Garden offers a home to all of them. Garden rooms are home to species like orchids, bromeliads, gesneriads, begonias, Spanish moss, and Mayan arch. With so much greenery and color, the Shelldance Orchid Garden is a place of true tranquillity. There is no way for people visiting the Shelldance Orchid Garden not to feel a peaceful rain. It is an unbelievable experience. Like breathing, it has to be felt to be understood.

It is Place of True Peace

Visiting the Shelldance Orchid Garden has another perk. It allows a person to feel true peace. People of today are plagued by constant stress and problems. What they don’t get is enough time to rest. The Shelldance Orchid Garden offers just that. There aren’t many things that can compare to the beauty of flowers and plants. Also, people with little free time could enjoy something special. The idea of the orchid garden may not appeal to many. By visiting the Shelldance Orchid Garden people can gain something invaluable, peace.

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