The Most Favorite Orchid Gardens to Look For


One may have a dying wish to build their own orchid garden in the backyard of their home. Many people also start this quest to have their own orchid garden, but there may be many difficulties to be faced while maintaining the garden all by them. The love for growing your own orchid garden could be just a dream for many people. But most of them can enjoy the piece of this beauty by visiting one of my favorite orchid gardens.

There are many orchid gardens that one could like to visit. But some orchid gardens could be very much closer to one’s heart. And one of them is the National Orchid Garden.

Best Place for Nature Lovers

National Orchid Garden is one of the most popular orchid gardens around the globe. It is located in the hilly regions of Singapore. This garden is spread over many hectares of land, where there are thousands of species and many more of the hybrids with their beauty you simply can’t resist. The more important thing to note is – There are more than six hundred species and hybrids placed just for the display. This is certainly the best place for true nature lovers like you. Here you can also learn the basic methods to plant and grow orchids in your home. Visiting this place could be a life changing experience for people like you. If you are truly wishing to bring back some of the traditional orchid plantation methods, it is also possible here. This garden maintains every piece of quality check that is essential for caring these beautiful orchids.


Effects of Weather

There can be many characteristics changes observed through the changing colors of the orchids as the seasons pass along. The spring season comes and brings the bright shades of gold with a yellow texture which creates a livelihood in the people’s mind through such colors. Now, as the summer season starts it would bring the majority of colors in the shades of red and pinkish color. This brings new phase for the garden as the summer turns into the autumn zone it turns the orchid plants at a maturity level. And finally, when the winter season comes they all turn into white with contrasting violet shades.


Creates a Better World

They have undergone many upgrades after the establishment of this National Orchid Garden in 1995. There were many hard paths to cover since then but the owner of this garden Mr. Lee Kuan Yew stood firm on the ground. This way it created a better place for the research and development team, taking the scientific endeavors to a next level.


One can never find a better place for Orchid Gardens then the National Orchid Garden here in Singapore. And it is undoubtedly the most favorite Orchid Garden to look for. The main aim of building this garden was to create a healthy environment for the Orchids where they can survive and blossom like a happy couple till eternity.

This is an image of my favorite orchid garden

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