How to Start Your Orchid Garden

The Orchidaceous which is scientific of an orchid is a flowers plant that is widely grown in different parts of the world. They have very bright and colorful petals that are admirable from a distance. An orchid garden can be quite easy to maintain but also requires effort to construct. Orchids can be grown in the house and the garden. They have more than 30000 different species and hundreds of thousands hybrids. They how ever have their limitations if not well cultivated and taken care of.


Requirements for Garden Orchids

  1. Species

You should have in mind what species of an orchid you want to grow in your garden. Below is a few of some of the orchids to grow in your garden;

  • Zygopetalum is very fragrant
  • Phalaenopsis are very easy to grow

·       Slipper orchids easy to grow and do best to be grown on a garden

·       Cattleya have very large petals Continue reading →