Things You Should Keep in Mind When Traveling

at the airport

Out of town travels or out of the country trips are fun – but you need to be responsible enough with everything you are about to do and with your decisions. To make your travel hassle-free and not face any trouble in the future, you need to plan it accordingly. Make sure that you have your checklist when planning out a trip so that when you arrived at your destination, you will enjoy your stay and the place itself.

Things to Do First Before Traveling

Your hotel accommodation, car rentals, and airfare are just basic things to consider when you are in the planning process. Of course, you need to plan those so that you will stress about it when you arrived at your destination. Yes, most travelers want to have a hassle-free, headache-free, and smooth travel experience. So, make sure to research every possible place to visit in a particular country or area before you get there. Here are the following tasks you need to complete before leaving your home.

  • Contact the house sitter before traveling.
  • Make sure to stop regular services or even deliveries when your travel is already booked.
  • Make sure you don’t leave rodents in your house and get Mighty Men Pest Control to take care of that for you.
  • If you are traveling domestically, make sure to visit your bank first and withdraw enough cash with you. If you are traveling internationally, make sure to look for an ATM as soon as you get to your destination.
  • Don’t forget to plan your first and last day.
  • Always bring with you your Bluetooth earphone when you travel by car.
  • Don’t forget to check the weather at your destination.
  • Check out must-try activities that will fit in your liking.

Tips Before You Travel Internationally

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How to Stay Safe While Traveling

Traveling is a priority for most of the people. Some travel for fun, some have business reasons or meeting that they have to go, some want to spend their vacations with their family on a nice trip to a comfy resort and some like to travel alone for the sheer adventure and excitement that awaits for them. No one can say that they can live without traveling.

However, when traveling it is important to know how to stay safe. Most of the time its hardly just a one day travel or a trip and sometimes its a vacation planned out for an entire month or so. With this, there are many dangers that you need to look out for and make yourself stay alert and cautious. Here are a few tips on how to stay safe during traveling.

safe travels

Keep the Essentials In a safe place

It is important to know what the essentials are. It includes all the list of items such as your wallet, your credit card, your phone etc. All these things should be kept safe in a place where you can easy access to them and allow easy update check on them. If you are traveling alone, then make sure you know the things you have at all times and also place them somewhere where they can’t be stolen from your pockets or a zipper bag.  Our company,  recently went on a company retreat and someone’s wallet was stolen straight from their pocket on a tour. It’s safer to just keep it zipped up.  Continue reading →

Visiting the Shell Dance Orchid Garden in Pacifica, CA

this is an image from the shell dance orchid garden

In this world, there aren’t many truly beautiful places. Luckily, Shelldance Orchid Garden in Pacifica, Ca is one of them. A place of unrivaled beauty, history, and atmosphere, Shelldance Orchid Garden remains a great testament to human effort. Since the time of its founder to the present, Shelldance Orchid Garden is a place every person should at least visit once. Visiting the Shelldance Orchid Garden is a unique experience. Each person should at least once visit it:

It Has Amazing History

The Shelldance Orchid Garden started as an artichoke field. It was bought and transformed by the original owner, Herb Hager. In the beginning, it was small enterprise. Luckily, the business grew and as a result, its owner’s abilities also did. Hager managed to master the secrets of orchid breeding. With the help of his skill set having originally worked as a local plumber, he was able to create a massive garden by having them get watered on a timer and took out much manual labor over time. 

Within the rooms of Shelldance Orchid Garden, Hager succeeded in creating a special kind of orchids. After Hager’s death, the Shelldance Orchid Garden gained a new executive. With help of Hager’s wife, they managed to further expand the value of Garden. Owner’s spirit hasn’t changed and the Garden is home to various species today.

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The Monteverde Orchid Gardens

This is a picture of Monteverde orchid gardens

Monteverde is a place in Puntarenas, Costa Rica, an approximately four-hour journey from the Central Valley. Costa Rica is famous for its diverse variety of flora and fauna. Among them, Orchids are one of the main attractions. The majority of orchids in Costa Rica are in Monteverde Orchid Gardens. The Garden alone accommodates over 500 species of orchids from a wide range of color and shape. Monsoon is the best season of the year for orchids according to thrive. A countless number of tourists and naturalists flood to these place in this time of the year.

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The Most Favorite Orchid Gardens to Look For


One may have a dying wish to build their own orchid garden in the backyard of their home. Many people also start this quest to have their own orchid garden, but there may be many difficulties to be faced while maintaining the garden all by them. The love for growing your own orchid garden could be just a dream for many people. But most of them can enjoy the piece of this beauty by visiting one of my favorite orchid gardens.

There are many orchid gardens that one could like to visit. But some orchid gardens could be very much closer to one’s heart. And one of them is the National Orchid Garden.

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Origin Of Moth Orchids – Southeast Asia

This is an image of moth orchid

The moth orchid named phalaenopsis is a real, beautiful and flourishing flower for indoors. The name phalaenopsis comes from the Greek term “phalaina” and “opsis” to mean “moth-like”. This name butterfly like adopts the fact that is the philosophy of beauty. In a tropical climate, moth orchids tend to grow on tree branches and in between the rock place sufficient with moisture. In rainforest climate, they thrive well in grassland area such as pastures. Orchids are adaptive to different environment hence making it flower for a home cult. The natural habitat in Southeast Asia is Singapore, East Himalaya, and Malaysia. Let take a look at this origin places for moth orchids.

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How to Start Your Orchid Garden

The Orchidaceous which is scientific of an orchid is a flowers plant that is widely grown in different parts of the world. They have very bright and colorful petals that are admirable from a distance. An orchid garden can be quite easy to maintain but also requires effort to construct. Orchids can be grown in the house and the garden. They have more than 30000 different species and hundreds of thousands hybrids. They how ever have their limitations if not well cultivated and taken care of.


Requirements for Garden Orchids

  1. Species

You should have in mind what species of an orchid you want to grow in your garden. Below is a few of some of the orchids to grow in your garden;

  • Zygopetalum is very fragrant
  • Phalaenopsis are very easy to grow

·       Slipper orchids easy to grow and do best to be grown on a garden

·       Cattleya have very large petals Continue reading →